Return to the Sixties

We are so jazzed, we can't bogart this info any longer! Dance of the Two Moons 2021 will be THE event a-go-go.  Get ready dudes and dudettes because this is certain to be the most outta sight, far out, fab, unreal, and way out night of the year! No doubt. Peace, Love, and Harmony will blow your mind. From the British invasion to the music of Woodstock, this night will have it all. 


If you wanna stay hip, cruise by here often. Ya dig?

Penny Lane: 2021 Featured Artist


​Cherokee Copper is a true family business, Greg, Lisa and their children, Moriah, Katie and Joshua all work in the business designing and handcrafting  jewelry. The jewelry is classic and timeless, simple enough to wear with jeans yet elegant enough to wear for that special occasion. Designs are authentic and inspired by Cherokee culture and heritage. 

All You Need is Love: 2021 Circle of Life Community Partner

Williams Companies has been a strong supporter of Tulsa's Indian community and IHCRC for many years.  Williams serves as the corporate sponsor for our run/walk club, Running Strong and our youth summit  We are grateful for their involvement and commitment to our next generation.

A Hard Day's Night: 2021 Location

What better place to celebrate a decade of memorable music than at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa?  When you're ready to sack out, this is where you'll want to be.  Be watching for our special event code.